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Summer in the Alps by Burtn Summer in the Alps :iconburtn:Burtn 3,599 349 Screaming Candle by ArchDragon Screaming Candle :iconarchdragon:ArchDragon 2,118 224
Breakfast by neeph22 Breakfast :iconneeph22:neeph22 24 14
dAily Feature Overview
Welcome to The dAily Feature!
Please Fave the News Article so that more deviants may be able to see it! :+favlove:
The dAily Feature is a new feature on deviantART that will be posted daily by TimberClipse. The feature aims to show off just a few amazing pieces of art every day. This art may have 1 fave or 10,000,000 faves. It doesn't matter.
In a community of art lovers, what is most important is for good art to be seen and appreciated. It doesn't matter if that art is 'seen' or 'unseen'.
Until a deviation is seen by all of the 16 Million Deviants on dA, I will not consider it seen. ;)
The dAily Feature will feature 2 deviations from any category that are just amazing pieces with a short description of why they are featured, as well as one dArelated (dAr) piece of art.
The hope is that this feature will promote dAr-Love for all art. As this is a deviantART Feature, I have decided that daily there will be at least 1 deviation from the dAr Category.
:icontimberclipse:TimberClipse 37 19
The Complete Lunar Cycle by Dan0128 The Complete Lunar Cycle :icondan0128:Dan0128 790 97
The Emote Awards 2010 - Winners!
Well hello everyone! Welcome to the 2nd annual Emote Awards!
The Emote Awards is an annual (so far :slow:) event held to celebrate the great emoticonists that help make up and support the emoticon community and gallery.
After having sifted through dozens of notes holding nominations (well, I didn't, anyway. :P), the winners for the 2010 Emoticon Awards are to be announced, right here, in this very column of pixelated letters you are reading right now!
Each category winner (or the creator of the category winner, in some cases) will receive the following:
:bulletyellow: A custom trophy from Krissi001
:bulletblack: A 1 year-long feature on Krissi001's userpage
:bulletblue: A journal feature from Krissi001
:bulletblue: A journal feature from Mirz123
:bulletblue: A journal feature from SparklyDest
:bulletblue: A journal feature from Seiorai
:bulletblue: A feature in one of her News Articles from Mirz123
:bulletred:  A avi Request from :dev
:iconwaluigi-prower:Waluigi-Prower 87 66
Emote Project - Sushi Riding Madness!
:iconwasibimote:Sushi Riding Madness:iconwasibimote:
Make your own sushi riding emote!
With permission from MixedMilkChOcOlate, I have devised a fun little project for emoticonists (and non-emoticonists wanting to try their hand at pixel art) to take part in.
The basic premise is simple: Create an emote riding a piece of sushi, like the emote made by Nico: :iconwasibimote:
You can choose any type of sushi (if you are not sure of the different kinds, Google is there to help guide you) or even miso or green tea - anything related to a sushi meal. Then, stick an emote on it! Use your imagination, make your little guy have fun on his sushi piece, whether it be a Bucking Bakagai or a Trotting Tempura, all are welcome in this project.
A good reference for sushi types is here so have a look through and choose something that you think would be fun.
This is a project - so t
:iconburgerbunny:BurgerBunny 72 66
LittleBigPlanet 2 Level Creation Contest

 Sackboy and his friends are back in LittleBigPlanet 2,
       the most customizable installation in the series yet.
       Always wanted to create your own LittleBigPlanet level?
       Well now you can! DeviantART and Sony PlayStation are
       giving you a chance to flex your creative muscle and
       envision a level of your very own!

 We'll give you official assets from the game which you're
       free to either use in your entry or just use as inspiration.
       Whether your entry is completely digital, a clay sculpture,
       or even a collage from paper print-outs, the visual medium
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 1,961 1,483
Lightman Mexican Wave by Ningaloo Lightman Mexican Wave :iconningaloo:Ningaloo 635 71
Devious Minds: CookiemagiK
Discovering what makes us devious.
CookiemagiK :cookie: :iconCookiemagiK:
How did you first discover deviantART?
:cookie: I first stumbled on to deviantART while I was googling for some new wallpaper. I had already heard of the site before from a friend of mine who was a member here but I never bothered to check it out. I always thought it was some kind of forum site for professional artists and that it was no place for me. Then when I finally visited dA for the first time I saw that it was something totally different XD
What was it about dA that made you want to stay?
:cookie: The reason I created my account was actually to upload some of my drawings, but I quickly became interested in emotes and pixel animation. Seeing so many amazing emoticon- and pixel art animations here really made me want to learn how to make stuff like that myself. After uploading a bunch of emotes I started getting some feedback and people started watching me and I just got
:iconpurpelblur:PurpelBlur 77 39
SOCIETY by Gloom82 SOCIETY :icongloom82:Gloom82 19,896 2,387 the PILLAR by right-angle the PILLAR :iconright-angle:right-angle 3,349 352
So i herd u liek emotes?? - 2010 special
After a short break i thought i would be nice to do a one off special of So i herd u liek emotes to mark the end of 2010. This article is filled with features, contests, projects and news articles from the emote community in the last few weeks.
:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:bulletred:
Cannon by dsinger is a cute and clever emote. The animation and shading is awesome throughout  and displays a great attention to detail and selection of special effects
Evolution of the Emote by KyuubisSlave is an imaginative and brilliantly executed emoticon. The idea has been well displayed in a cute and effective way.
Who doesn’t love a trip down one of these? Helta Skelter by Kath602 is a fun and colourful piece with a great display of pixelling and shading. The emoticon is full of life and i love the different expressions of each emote.
Tic Tac Toe by FireFlyExposed is a clever
:iconsynfull:Synfull 117 86
Texture Brushes by AlectorFencer Texture Brushes :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 25,992 1,459 Sometimes 2 by sayunclecomics Sometimes 2 :iconsayunclecomics:sayunclecomics 1,579 103 Mario Anatomy Sculpt Model by freeny Mario Anatomy Sculpt Model :iconfreeny:freeny 3,588 336 :wash: by DEIDATVM :wash: :icondeidatvm:DEIDATVM 1,058 183 Mushir Support by wisekidk Mushir Support :iconwisekidk:wisekidk 18 15 Typophone 4 by Angelman8 Typophone 4 :iconangelman8:Angelman8 2,679 1,108
dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
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 Finally a backpack for 17" laptops,
 perfectly designed with protective

 Show your style or keep it all business
 with our easy swap backpack design.

 Ergonomically designed for comfort,
 stability and weight balance great for
 hiking, biking or piloting a hovercraft.

 Slim & sleek! Perfect for
 carrying all your digital gear
 when you travel.

 Fleece-lined pocket keeps
 your mobile device looking

 Must Have! Includes water
 resistant specially designed
 drawstring weather cover.

 dAPRO Series bags are made
 to be functional, designed
 with compartments &
:icondeviantwear:deviantWEAR 2,095 1,307
10 years of dA (5 years of emoticons )

:bulletyellow: About :bulletyellow:

It's still august and we are still celebrating the 10th deviantART birthday.Unluckily for emoticons it's a little bit less.
A lot facts that you willl find in this article can be interesting and for many "fresh" emoticonists probably unknown. I hope you will enjoy it.

:bulletorange: Gallery Moderators :bulletorange:

During those five years there were few Emoticon Gallery Moderators  aswell as people like staff members or other GM's that gave the Daily Deviationts for Emoticons on deviantART.

:bulletred: Chronological order :bulletred:

:iconhalfliquid: halfliquid GM , :iconrocksicle: rocksicle GM , :iconlivius: livius GM , :iconrealitysquared: realitysquared ,:iconlolly: lolly , :iconchix0r: fourteenthstar , :iconblackice: blackice ,:iconchimpantalones: Chimpantalones GM ,  :icondemaulwurfn: :devde
:iconmintyy:mintyy 213 30
Another Dimension by PatrickRuegheimer Another Dimension :iconpatrickruegheimer:PatrickRuegheimer 870 141
So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 94
Welcome to this week’s volume of so i herd u liek emotes. This is the 94th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.
:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:bulletred:
This week was full of brilliant emoticons and to start off the article we have Portal by melonhead-emotion. It’s a brilliant display of perspective, motion and general smoothness of animation to make an epic emote I could sit and watch all day.
Demonic by Mr-Jaunty is an equally impressive emoticon. The animation flows from frame to frame and contains a number of excellent effects that have been executed beautifully.
There’s something about The Tube by KinnisonArc which i really love. A combination of the smooth rotation, emot
:iconsynfull:Synfull 58 40


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